I can't edit more textures without other saved textures disapearing

This is another issue i got with editing my texturepack. after i did a couple of textures. about 50 or more. some of my saved textures starts to disapear. And those textures that gets removed out of my saved textures are dirt and doors. What i tried to do to fixed this, was that i took the latest backup and opened it. seems okay. But then when i edit a couple of blocks again. The dirt and doors keeps disapearing. I wannt this fixed because i don’t know if i will be able to finish my texture pack if textures keeps disapearing. And if i can’t finish my texture pack. This Shit has been a waste of many hours.

Dretas This is 747 days old and yet i still have the same problem as you this will bump it to the top of the fourms so hopefully someone will respond ;D