I can't email Nova Skin

I need to email Nova Skin about a situation. When I sent the email, a few minutes later I got this reply from google: https://gyazo.com/8de1d94b0c088e8834c9b20a00276697

I haven’t included any unessesary spaces, and I typed the email correctly. Does Nova Skin have a new email now? Please help!

what email did you send to?

I sent to contact@novaskin.me

might just be busy, give them a bit of time. How urgent is your matter?

Them being busy isn’t what the problem is, I’m afraid. When I sent the email to Nova Skin, Google sent me an email saying that my email was failed to be sent. It seems to think Nova Skin changed its contact email. What I need to know is the new contact email (if there is one), or if Google is just failing to send it.

Anyway, my problem isn’t urgent, but it needs to be done sometime.

Ah ok, I understand. I will try to look into it for you.

It seems you left some of the email out, it’s actually the full thing here:
I hope that helps.

Thank You! Hopefully the contact page is updated soon.

no problem. anytime I can help, I will gladly.