I have remake my own wallpaper. (And open for request for your own parachute colors)

I have remake my own wallpaper “Parachute” to make the parachute more realistic than ever before !
Here, have a look at the remake version with my skydiver skin.

I will be submitting this to Novaskin to either make it a new one or replace the old one. (Probably making it a new one though.)

I’m also open for request on rendering this wallpaper with your own parachute colors.
There are quite a lot of customizations that can be done on the parachute.

List of customizations :

  • Parachute’s canopy - All 9 Blocks of wool can be colored differently. (As shown in the above picture)
  • Parachute strings - Thin lines of string that are connected to the canopy. Those all can be colored but all of them will colored the same.
  • Parachute’s slider - A thin rectangle piece of semi-transparent wool. It can be colored.
  • The main lift web - 4 thick lines of string attached to the player’s shoulders. 2 lines on the left can be colored differently from 2 lines on the right.
  • Brake handles - 2 thin lines of string that the player is holding on. They can be colored seperately from each other.

Both steve and alex type skins are accepted.
Comment or PM me with the skin you want me to render with and the color of each part and I’ll render it for you.

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