I need help with blender

I know there are sooo many tutorials videos/types etc but i need help with all the usually stuff that the videos are low quality and such so i was wondering if someone could help via skype/ Join.me if anyone can please do and i need a good rig to use mine is bad

There are two good rigs for blender, I’ll tell you about both of them.

First is Rymdnisse’s rig, his is the one I use. It comes with every single mob and every single item and every single block and a bunch of blocks made into 3D. It’s in my opinion, the best one. It’s also completely free to use (including for money) and giving credit is optional. (download here: http://rymdnisse.net/downloads/minecraft-blender-rig.html)

Secondly is VMComix’s rig. It’s the one with the rounded nose, and only includes Steve, a pig, and a snow golem. You do have to give credit if you use VMComix’s rig, unsure about commercial use. (Download here, right side of the page: http://vmcomix.blogspot.com/)

thanks for the rigs :oo