I need some ideas on what to build in minecraft (I'm out of ideas)

I need a new project and I don’t know what to build so if you have some ideas please sare them if u want :blush:

podrias construir una ciudad con muchos aldeanos y eso, haces inventos, lo que se te venga a la mente, imaginacion :smiley:

sorry I dont understand you :wink:

Well, I’m sorta new to these forums so I hope these are good ideas.
I don’t really want to be specific because no creativity would come out of it, but here are a few:

  • Perhaps some sort of fantasy animal in 3D(Dragon, unicorn, phoenix, etc.) Made out of clay maybe? More added features to make it your own.
    Also what I love to do when I build(even though I’m not a great builder) Is to create my own world around the object that I first came up with so I end up building more, and more, and more.
  • Also I’ve always been shocked(maybe that’s not the correct word) when I go to a walker castle in Hexxit.
    (If you know what that is.) It always amazed me for some reason. Maybe you could build something sort of like that, but with more detail.(They couldn’t put more detail into it?)
    Anyway, I hope these help. Sorry this is so long, I do that a lot. thanks!

thanks for the great ideas. I will put these ideas to use and maybe post some pics of my progress

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mauro42 said “Might build a city with many villagers and why do inventions, what comes to your mind, imagination”

Well if you have an idea about Minecraft Building then Tree house, Theater will help you.