I will create skins!

just reply to this saying what you would like your skin to look like, and i will make it and send you the link!

Hello guy, I’d like a skin with a blue hood of the sweatshirt on the head.
The sweatshirt needs to be closed half way and the sleeves pulled up to half arm, on one arm bracelets and on the other arm a tatoo. Furthermore this character needs to wear dark sunglasses and a chain around the neck. He wears slightly ripped jeans and a pair of heavy-duty boots. Finally, can you make something on the back? Something like a head of creeper

i can try to make the skin!

Hi, I would like a half elf bard/rogue/mage from the dessert with brown hair please.


Heya!Still doing these?If so,can you make me a skin?Lets say my skin is like a nekomimi guy but a wolf looking instead.the hair color is brown and and so as the tail.He is wearing some kind of a tailor suit cause’ i want something bit more a gentleman alike!Hes eyes were black and the pupil will be yellow!Don’t forget that he has sideburns!

can you possibly make me a skin the character I would like you to make me is ageha shes from the anime omamori himari

Please do a hide and seek one because I really need one and I think it would awesome like only with 2 people one hider and one seeker please and thank you and pls make the skins editable Please I would really appriciate it