Leap of faith HELP

hello, I have a problem with templates Nova Skin, I have this problem with the skin when testing

Looks pretty cool! I recommend using DoF to make it a bit more epic.

on topic, what’s wrong with it?

The Steve’s skin is totally normal! Can you explain better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Upon closer inspection, I see that the hat layer (the part around the head) looks a bit glitchy.

cinema 4d is glitchy about its transparency, if your using DoF thats yhour issue

I see something strange I do not see the face :v

accurate, but I want to know if it is normal to look like this

DOF ? what is that ? :3

thank you all for your answers!

DoF= Deph of Field :smiley:

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Make sure to edit the layer_matcolor 0 and 1 in photoshop or similar and save it for web. (keep it png 24)