Lily Pads, can't texture one

I was playing with textures and wanted to add a flower and blotches to the lily pads, listed under waterlily but the image is called lilypad.

There is a beautiful tropical water lily called a “Firefox” that is purple with pink and yellow inside and has dark brown, purplish blotches and streaking on the leaves. It came out very pretty and I made the it into my avatar, but Nova Skin won’t let me apply it. (edit: I meant Nova Skin won’t let me save it.)

Is this a different kind of block or something like that? I open it for editing and it doesn’t show. I used the 2d editor and a gray, shadowy image came up so I played with the contrast and hues and stuff and drew on that, but it still doesn’t show and won’t save. I had to take a screen shot and paste it in Paint to save it.