Looking for someone to make hair

I have a decent skin- but I am simply terrible with hair. If you’d be willing to help me out, it’d be much appreciated.

My requirements are easy:

-Work with the existing hair colour (purple) or platinum blonde, either is fine.
-Ombre is also cool.
-Long hair.
-No fringe.
-Hair accessories are completely optional, but if you do decide to add them, I would like flowers.
-Again optional, but buns, ponytails and such are welcome additions.


Cool skin I like it you should keep making more skins

I shaded the hair and made it longer in the front and the back, I hope you like it :slight_smile:.

Thanks! I’m not too good with skin making but it’s nice to hear that people like the ones I do make :smiley:

And thank you Tori, you did a great job, I shall definitely be using this in the future :smiley:

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