Loss and misattributed skins

My skins have been loss from my account on http://minecraft.novaskin.me/gallery/profile/118378795365463525306 while befrore it had 3 skins and some slightly edited versons of them all of them are now gone. One of the skins remains as http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/6079553435860992/oggie-girl-genus#6079553435860992/oggie-girl-genus however all of the credits on have gone missing. This would not be a problem but I had not saved the other 2 believing incorrectly it seems that the nova skin servers would hold them if it is of any help the skins were labeled Maxim (girl genus), oggie (girl genus), and dimo (girl genus). Any help would be appreciated.

i have the problem most skins disappeared completly

me too like all my skins are gone wat happemed :scream:

Here are some of your skins with the source skin (before your changes)


My skis appear in my gallery, but it says it’s been lost!!! What…the…f**k???