Minecraft skins request

can anyone create or find these skins i seen them from little lizard gaming’s video the school bully fight here’s the video link can anyone help me find or replicate some skins used in the minecraft school videos there’s some i want to put in my own school here’s some pictures of them

i want those skins from those links p.s some pics have more then one skin and i want each skin in those photos to help you guys here’s the link to the video where those skins come from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQPEs27vO1E and the imur link to my screenshots of the skins please help me find them or re create them p.s i’m on 1.7.10 because i have custom NPCs and that’s the version of minecraft i have a modded world on http://kodytubergaming.imgur.com/all/

Can you please help me because i have a real passion for making minecraft skins and i really want make them all the time but im scared that when i make them i have to use for them and i would like to make it public so everyone can use and edit but i cant work out how to make the skin accessable could you please please help me

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