My privacy is hurt since i cant delete the skin that I created with my actual name

Dear Nova Skin Team,
I already tried to reach the webmaster via email and Reports/themes on the Forum.
I want to ask you if it would be possible to delete all the Skins with the tag frederik thoenissen.
You see, this is my actual Name and when someone is searching me the first Pictures are
minecraft Skins and all Skins with the tag frederik as you probably know. I dont want
those Skins to Show up if someone Googles me, since there are also Skins that are half naked
and other weird stuff. ( https:// thoenissen This is the link to the skins)
Of Course I already tried deleting it myself but I dont know the Account Details anymore. Also
there is no Skin Author when you click at this Skins. I created this Skin like 2-3 years ago
without knowing it will Show up on Google and yeah…
I hope you can understand my Problem.

Sauer_Krafter (Frederik Thoenissen)

(P.S.: Please contact me if you Need any Information)
@novaskin , @saviski

@LockRikard , @Tourobaba I realy tried everything now. I wrote a couple of emails and stuff. Please help me

@XepherXV Could it be that the Webmaster doesnt react to emails or messages from this site?

Last update on this site was in 2014, so I wouldn’t be too hopeful for replies… Also, if you are concerned about this, I wouldn’t continue to post your name and links to the content you are worried about. Good luck getting everything deleted on your end, because that’s your only hope really. Don’t use your real name on anything online, even if you think it’s private.