Needed help w/ textures

I’m wanting a sword in my normal minecraft rescource pack,but the sword is like 512x512.
How can I get this sword as only item in the rescource pack with that size, it doesn’t show whenever I put it in my pack.

This is the sword:

You can have only this texture being 512px without any problems.

The easiest way to add this texture to your game is:

  • click apply to minecraft
  • download the resource pack manager and install it
  • reload the page
  • click apply to minecraft
  • click on the iron sword button, you can also type a texture name to replace another file (like diamond_sword) and click apply
  • you will be presented to this confirmation window
  • enable the novaskin resource pack in minecraft and you’re done.

Or you can also use the save to project tab

  • allow the site to store files offline when asked by the browser
  • select or create a project
  • check the texture file to replace and click save.
  • click download the resource pack project link
  • click download zip on the new window and install the resource pack manually