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New Minecraft Animal Ideas

1.Bear. Note:I do know there is a bear in a mod but I think it is a good idea to make it in main Minecraft not mod Minecraft.
2. Eagle.
4.Horse(for consle)

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isint a pony and a horse the same thing?

ponys are just smaller.

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i agree with the bear idea, and they should just add birds in general…

how about a camel in the desert :smile:

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Good idea i should have thought of that

Yeah, Birds would be great! Mice would also be cool!

yes ponies are smaller than horses ex. this is a pony < and other here is a horse

*Mice , and they would be 1% smaller than sliverfish if there was mice.

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and maybe add dodos
that would be soooo funny :smile:

psst they should make foxs

YESHH MAUNNNNNNNNNNN they should :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened…? @cybergirl