New nova skin beta feels to complicated, very infuriating

Hello guys! for a long time nova skin was my favorite and only place to edit textures easily, unfortunately all that has changed. nova skin beta feels exactly like pixlr now and it is extremely infuriating. if there is an option to use the old nova skin resource pack editor i would be extremely grateful since to my knowledge there is no other place to edit textures like i was able to with nova skin

I agree. I am a modder, and I used this site for all my textures because of how simple it was but so effective, now its been updated, there’s alot less features and no other photo editor really does it like the old novaskin.

Funny thing is the change happened right on my birthday, oct 17. for the first time i created a twitter account specifically to try to contact nova skin. Unlucky rubber ducky

I thought that a 2D editor was better for editing items, but apparently it is not since more people are complaining.
You do want to be able to edit the images with the same editor used for mob textures right?

I will revet the changes.
You can also change back and forth the two editors with a button.

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