New skin i made isn't saving to my profile when i publish

i made a beta skin:


at least to me its not saving to my novaskin account as i click on the maker and it takes me to my profile but the newly uploaded skin isn’t there. ive uploaded it 3 times and it hasn’t saved right once, help?

This is weird. I will look into that to see what is happening.

That’s even weirder, because your skins are normally saved with your username in lowercase (cbtapecity)

but this one in particular is saved as CBTapeCity, it links back to cbtapecity when you click the author profile link but is not listed on the profile page because of the uppercase letters.

make sure to login using lowercase letters and let me know if it works.

i tried it and i think i found the problem its because i started using my google account to sign in but before i think i had my account not connected to google, i started using my google account because i kept forgetting my password. also still hasn’t worked.