New website wont do anything

it seems that the new website dosent do anything. every time i click on any of the tabs other then the home one it brings me to a blank page. i use this webstie alot for making textur3e packs and now it dsoent work? any clue why? is thhis only me?

try clearing your cache, also what browser are you using?

im using mozillia firefox

also, clearing the chache seemed to have done something, but its stuck on the laoding symbol, my internets also been acting crappy, could that be why?

Try clearing your internet browsing history and cashe, if that does not
work, try using chrome

it might, as said. try using Chrome

it now works, yet now i cant acsess pixlr when editing a 3d block or item, and when editing an item i can only use pixlr and therse no way to save it…