NO new wallpapers in the website

This message is mostly related to saviski. I dont know why but teher have been past 3 months till the last wallpaper update. I have already made 2 wallpapers (2 months before) and i would really like all teh wallpapers to be uploaded to the website. Well, if teh problem is that too little wallpapers have been sent to be uplaoded, then no problem ill get back to work (already made a new one) and all the others animators too, cauz i know that every1 wants new wallpapers to be uploaded and much more peopel to come to this site.
If teher is any personal or private issue (keeping away uplaoding 3 months nw) then ill respect it and shut up forever about this problem.

Thank you


I was busy trying to fix the bug that caused the loss of several skins in the gallery.

And since adding new wallpapers is kind of a boring repetitive process, I need to edit each image and extract the players individually, normally I wait until I have a bag full of wallpapers to add them all at once.

I think that now we have enough wallpapers on the queue to be added.


ok np thanks for letting me know

no problem.
by the way, I have 35 new wallpapers to add now.
This will take a while.