"No results found" help me

Hello! I have a problem, I can’t find my old skins, I logged back in after a while, I wanted to search for my skins and when I go to my profile it says “No results found”… please help me I had a lot of skins :(… (Sorry if my English is not very good, I speak Spanish) Can I recover my progress? :worried:

I have some of many skins created, of my skins saved in “favorites” these are:

(There are more but it only lets me put 2 links)

Before it was “Uploaded by: miskygerald” now I get “Uploaded by: anonymous”. and others you can find by searching for “minegerald.d” in Gallery, my profile is called “miskygerald” where I had the skins I created

-link of my profile (where my skins disappeared and now there is nothing) : https://minecraft.novaskin.me/gallery/profile/104603840626946144697

My minecraft skins also disappeared from the nova skin so angry :rage:

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