Not Able To Apply My Skin?


I am SaraSantiago, and currently am trying to change my skin for a series I want to start on YouTube. When I clicked the ‘Apply’, a small blank white box shows up. I click the ‘show the change skin page again’ and nothing works. I’ve tried to do this on both Safari and Google Chrome…What should I do?


I am also having the same problem right now. I have been refreshing and doing anything possible. Nothing is working currently.

same here plz help need my new skin

If you can’t apply it directly, Click Save, then you’ll see your skin in the top left, right click on it, then save it to your pc.

If your not familiar, After all that, go to, login in, Go into the menu and click on profile, then click (Select your File), obviously then click on your skin, and then finally click upload.

Hope this helped <3

I’m having the same problem! i dont even get the little white box anymore it just stays on the editor page.

same big time. plus, i cant use it for anything 1.9 and up!!! and i have a channel I’m trying to kick off!!!

I can’t login to!?!

I have the same problem
i worked once for me but i can’t
is there a way to get it working for mac?