Nothing is Working?

Hello! I am not new to Nova Skin, though I am a little new to the Resource Pack side… Anyways, I am going to be working on a Minecraft Horror map and thought that this would be the perfect website to create a Resource Pack for it. When I clicked on the “Resource Pack” tab then clicked on “Login” and all it did was create a little white bar below the “Login” tab, but it didn’t open anything. So then I decided to click on “Blocks” along with “Entities” and the other tabs yet it just took me to a page that looked the same, but where it use to say “Blocks” and stuff, it was just white. I’m not sure if this is a problem with everyone, or just me, but if you know how to fix this then please, please, please help me out! Thanks! :smiley:

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What I Usally Do Is Go To Google, Type In “Nova Skin”, Click On The Skin Creator, Then Cick Gallery And You Should see Something Like This At The Top…Any Name And To The Right Of It Any Model

Hope It Works And Good Luck On The Map