Nova Skin full usage tutorial (in particular the new 1.8 skin system)

Hello I’m new to Nova Skin and just from what I saw it’s clearly superior to any other skin editor. Once I saw a video regarding the new 1.8 skin sytsem I was blown away and wanted to do my 1.8 skin for free. Since I couldn’t find a free solution Nova Skin magically appeared to save me, the problem is, I DON’T HOW IT WORKS!!! Please, please help me I really want to see my new 3D character.
I would also like if someone tought me through all Nova Skin editing features.

It works the same way it used to work, but now there are more options to show and hide the overlay parts.
You can also load skin and skin parts as overlays.
And there is a switch to toggle the left and right arm and legs mirroring while drawing.

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