Nova Wallpaper Bug

I have been trying to create a wallpaper with my friends and my Minecraft avatars for over an hour now. I have tried on FireFox, Chrome, and Opera, which Opera is the one place I have never had a problem with Nova Skin, but on all three, even clearing all data, I can not see a preview of the wallpapers to create for my friends and me a wallpaper. If you guys want a screen shot of what I am seeing I have it attach. Please tell me what is wrong because it has only been doing this today to me…

hmm i am seeing this one aswell this is an odd one. all my tips have failed. ill try to let saviski know it may be the site

This also happens to me…

Nice, I need to pay the server bill. Should be working now.

Happy 2015!

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I’ve seen that but it’s fixed 4 me. but now I can’t make wallpapers! I love love LOVE to do it.

What’s your problem @drcyberplaysmc? May I help you?

actually it’s working much better now. but thanks for the offer.