Please Fix Nova Skin

I’ve been waiting for months now to be able to continue my resource pack. But it still hasn’t been fixed. Is Nova Skin even working on it? I’m not happy with how long this has been taking.

i will try to alert @saviski to this problem ^.^

I need more details on what is the problem?
I made a lot of modifications on the resource pack editor last year in order for it be compatible with block models and all the 1.8 changes.

when I download the skin is another part of the separate skin.

On that URL you gave, clicking on any of the 3 options clears all but the button bar at the left of the page. I really need that fixed. I’m now currently working on a mod on the Minecraft Forums, and I’m gonna be relying on Nova Skin to make some of the items.

This is what you should be seeing

I was not able to save because I was in incognito mode.

If you are not able to reproduce this steps, you need to try a different browser, or try to clean you cache
also try to open the website with https