Problem with nova skin wallpapers

Am i the only one having this issue?


Estou com o mesmo problema! Queira muito uma solução! mas faz tempo que não consigo solucionar!

Nope. seems as if its been down for quite the while at this point. also nice pfp.

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i can’t see any of the skin wallpapers

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is there any other website like this?

It happens to me too, it seems like some kind of bug or error with the page and I don’t know what else to do, have you tried contacting support to report this problem?

Should be fixed now.

Hello owner of nova skin please fix the bug of wallpaper it’s still loading I but you have to update and fix it

Agreed. I can’t see a single wallpaper when I click on any of them, and I can’t download them. Fix that please.


Hey, the issue is not fixed as when I do end up clicking on something, it doesn’t load the wallpaper editor. If you could, please fix it because it would help me a lot.


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