Recent update issues

this is just a witness with a concern. i absolutely love the update, but when i click the ZIP button nothing happens. And since my recent resource pack accidently got removed, i have big concerns on downloading it… ANY advise will be greatly appreciated! you all have my honest thanks.


Whenever i try to open a part of the resource pack creator it doesnt load just gives me a white screen

The at I know how to fix, try using Mozilla Firefox. The same problem happened when I used Google Chrome.

tryclearing your internet cache

To me or the other guy?

the thing is it works perfect on my chromebook but not my home computer

which both use chrome

did you try executing what i asked?

if you need help feel free to ask ^.^

yes i did what you asked erased all resent caches

did it work for you?

no it did not… i even did a hard drive cleaning because i opened console and it said file error then i defragmented and still nothing

try it with another browser, such as firefox

Lol that Is what I said

but why would it work on my chromebook using google chrome

So, I need some more detail about the error.

  • what browser are you using? I presume it is Chrome.
  • do you see any error messages on the console?
  • go to novaskin, press F12, switch to the console tab.
  • press the zip button
  • check if any messages appeared on the console, if yes, copy and paste it here.
  • send a screenshot of the resource pack as shown in the editor
  • are you able to edit the resource packs content, and save texture inside the resource pack?
  • is it a local resource pack (Projects tab) or a dropbox project?

Thank you for responding to my message I will be sure to be doing the stuff. will respond with any errors

here is the information,

  • I use mozilla firefox as my browser,
  • No errors pop up, it doesn’t change at all, and it would seem like it froze, but when i click something like “default”, for example, it immediately changes to it.
  • The screenshot i cannot do, i don’t know how…
  • Yes, i am able to edit my resource pack.
  • It is a local resource pack, not a dropbox project.
    Thank you again for your help, I know not all the time do people want to help people like me.

my bad some errors do pop up like these. here they are copied and pasted

TypeError: Argument 1 of FileReader.readAsDataURL does not implement interface Blob. resourcepack.js:57
The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the file needs to be declared in the transfer protocol or file needs to use a byte order mark as an encoding signature. event-report
TypeError: Argument 1 of FileReader.readAsDataURL does not implement interface Blob.

Thank you for taking the time to check the errors.
Now I’m testing the site in firefox and the import .zip seems not to be working. Perhaps the export failure is caused by the same bug.
I’m still trying to find the cause of the problem, but yeh, the resourcepacks are not working properly in firefox now.

Thank you dearly, please let me know when it is fixed, for now I can at least know u are working on it. Again thank you