Request for skin deleting a skin. (or rename)

Okay so i already wrote some time ago an email to the site admin and wrote a few Reports for this Skin but sadly
didnt receive an answer.
The Skin I am talking about is called frederik thoenissen (This is my actual Name).

I did this Skin 2 or 3 years ago.
The Problem is I cant delete it myself because i dont know the account Details anymore.
(I just know it is something with Sauer_Krafter or similar). For example if i Google myself I get a lot of minecraft Skins Images
with the tag frederik. There are some examples like a half nude minecraft Skin and stuff, so i hope you get my Point why i want it deleted.

So if you could delete or rename this both Skins called frederik thoenissen i’d be very happy.
Sincerly Sauer_Krafter.

(P.S.: I would try to get in my old Account but i cant remember loggin in with Google back then. So is there another way to log in besite Google?)