Resource pack creator problem

every time i go on the creator it opens up but i cant use anything and it doesnt show anything when i click on the tabs on the side, my username also doesnt show up in the top right. please help

I have the same problem. It won’t allow me to do anything. There is not any tutorials on youtube and my friend uses this and says it is fine. Can anyone help us? :sleepy:

haave you tried to clear your cache?

try to open it with https

Help I have the same problem and I need to use it but nothing I do works!!!

That does not work!!!

How do you do this? I REALLY want to use this site.

Doesn’t work! NOOOOOOOO!

I have this problem too, is the site down?

Please provide more details about the problems, with screenshots if possible.

A video showing the problem

sAmE PlEaSe HeLp :rage:

I get the same problem too… :{
Does anyone know what’s causing it? Maybe using https: instead of http: will help

Odd. It works in Mozilla Firefox, my default is Google Chrome… Why does it work in Firefox and not Chrome? I don’t like using Firefox…

Same problem here. I also don’t have Firefox, but I’ll try that. Hopefully that works :grin:

Try This (:wink: