Safari sound editor not working

My resource pack maker on Chrome isn’t working at all, so I went to Safari. The texture editors work fine, but my goal was custom sounds for a map I wanted to make. I clicked sounds, entity, then record, but when I went to the editor, it wasn’t showing, yet the toolbar and “save as” button were there. I tried other editors but none of them worked. With Chrome not doing anything and Safari’s sound editor junk, I can never edit sounds again!

How is this problem fixed? Did they delete the sound editor? Is Safari not a good place? Do I need to throw money to get a Windows? I have a Mac :unamused:. Maybe, I just need Firefox, but still! Any help?:grinning:

Never mind… I just clicked open and added a sound file from a folder, and BOOM! I can finally make sound resource packs!


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