Server needs staff!

My server needs staff…………. please reply if your want to join!

The server will be open in like 5 months and i need a *build team :smiley: *

Contact me if you are wondering if you can be staff!


you may want to consider adding more info like

type (survival minigame creative)

Making a notice 5 motnhs before the event? well, in your grade of famousness here, it is just a waste of time. Repost this thread when your server is going to open in 2 weeks after the thread is made.

I will join. I will be very glad to help. Would I get a rank?

Im really good at building a lot i even build a mansion for my family (more than 1) so me and my family can play together so i would be available to help you with the building team i would be happy if i do join in the building team and the more people the more epic it is going to be right and i want to show you this video for tips and some of these i made with 3 friends with me i helped on the design and did some build watch it i dare you.

P.S. In minecraft my name is Astiiyia