Shade's Wallpaper Request(s)

With many ideas in my mind and at least decent reference screenshots I would like to request some wallpapers. (Er… one at a time at least… don’t wish to overwhelm anyone!!)


A Sign/A Dire Sign, I thought of this after making a new skin and thought it’d be interesting to have as a wallpaper! The armor stand with the head is meant to represent where the skin would be placed. The head was tricky to pose so to clear this up, it is meant to be looking more toward the Nether Portal.

Fun Fact: The wall the skin stands on is actually much longer and was built manually, was, not, fun. But hopefully will be worth it in the end!

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I can look into making that happen. Any other sugestions?

I do have some other ideas as well. Here is another one:

I just randomly got the idea for this shortly after that first suggestion I made and thought eh why not. lol

I also had the idea for this:

I was going to suggest this one a long while back… but I lost the screenshot and was too lazy to retake it haha. (Almost forgot to mention in that prison screenshot the person by the beds is supposed to be laying on the top bed.)

Ok Great I love these ideas! I will put them into consideration. :slight_smile:

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Hi shade my name is TigerStrike2772 and I am a big fan of minecraft and play it myself. I think a cool one would be maybe something to do with the new minecraft blocks like coloured beds, terracotta, Shuler boxes and many more. Maybe it could be be someone discovering all these blocks or maybe a like inside of a new modern bedroom that has all that kind of stuff in it. I just thought it would be a cool idea, anyway hope this gave you some inspiration,

Regards TS2772

You did give me an idea… I might have a new idea now! ^-^

Didn’t take long to make this.

I didn’t give it a good outside background however so whoever decides to make this can decide on what is seen out the windows.

I also just finished this.

Not sure why I had this idea. It is meant to be people shipwrecked on an island. I am not good at boats…

For all these examples, can you provide the map file of your creation? Uploaded into zip form, thanks

I kind of used a bunch of different maps for each. Also… I don’t know how to do that lol.

Cool I like it! I am guessing that your a fan of the colour blue?

Yeah lol. Blue is a very nice color. ^-^

Hello xxNightshade96xx! I like your ideas very much and try to do the second, third and maybe some more wallpapers.
If you have more ideas, could you post them? I will try my best

Hello, xxNightshade96xx! This is my wallpaper sketch that i make. What do yall think? Should i put in some other material in this wallpaper? Waiting for your respond

Sorry for the late response! For the most part it looks pretty good! Only issue though… the one by the bed should be laying on the bed, relaxing. But again it looks really nice.

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