Skin Editor colouring problems

I have been using novaskin as newbie and it’s really starting to annoy me simply because of the colouring. I want one leg to have a tactical pouch and one leg with a gun, but whenever I draw one on, it appears exactly the same on the other leg?! This is getting really annoying and I need help.

they should make it where the arms and legs are mirroring each other
and yes thats what they are doing

In minecraft the skins are mirrored. So novaskin does it too. You must wait for the 1.8 Minecraft Update where there aren’t mirrored arms or legs, there will also be a secondary body layer for skins!

Nova Skin stepped forward, so there is alreghty a 1.8 Skin Editor, but it’s an experimental version, and it contain bugs. However you can try it by clicking here.

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i used it to make meh new updated komaeda!! u like?


Pretty good**!** Where did you learned? :stuck_out_tongue:

i would say that i taught myself : p

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Thanks guys, you’ve been a great help, I’ve finally been able to finish off my Deathstroke from Arkham Origins!