Skin Editor Compatibility Problem With 1.7.10

Hello. I am quite new with Nova Skin Editor. I found out that when I made a skin and applied it to my Minecraft account, and opened up 1.7.10 Forge, the skin has a problem. The arms and legs are mirrored ( I didn’t check the “Mirror arms and legs” box). Can someone please help me with this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Mine is doing the exact same thing. I’m very upset about it cause I play with all of my mods on 1.7.10. I don’t get why it’s mirroring the arms and legs. It’s fine in the actual creator, but when I upload it to either here or Minecraft, it changes.

This is a feature that only works in minecraft 1.8.
You need to play with this version or newer to be able to see different arms and legs and the second layer for the other parts of the body other than the head.

This was added on this snapshot

from the minecraft wiki:


  • Uses a char.png file with new layout and new dimensions
    • Dimensions for the file are now 64x64
  • Right and left arms and legs are now editable independently
  • The hat layer is now full-body, can be transparent.
    • Overlays for arms, legs, head, and body are called sleeves, pants legs, hat and jacket respectively.
  • Backwards Compatible
    • Old Skins still work, but don’t have the new features.
    • New skins when used in pre-14w02a versions act like old skins
  • New “Skin Customization” button in the options menu
    • Cape visibility is now toggled from here
    • You can toggle the visibility of overlays, independent for each limb/body part