Skin Problem on Wallpaper I made on Mine-imator

Hello Novaskin Community! I am new to this forum but i have used novaskin a lot especially for wallpaper. So i was trying to find any wallpaper related to obsidian mining but i don’t get any wallpaper template that relate to the condition (The wallpaper in the novaskin at the time of this topic writing are relating about sword in the obsidian and core protected by obsidian.

So i was trying to make wallpaper related to obsidian mining and also interested to create one too for Novaskin so anyone can use it. So here’s the result after the testing in the Novaskin Mine-imator Wallpaper Testing Environment.

But it looks like my wallpaper are having trouble with the deadpool skin (Link). Here’s the result.

As you can see that the left arm and legs is not loaded in my wallpaper. I wonder if someone can help me with this problem so it can minimize the chances of other people skin having problem with my wallpaper. Thanks.

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