Skins in the making

i made this for people who want there skins to really get out and advertise there skin 1 photo of skin 2 name so we can seach it in the gallery i hope u enjoy!

2nd skin i made “monstercat fan”

sorry my editor is like that its derpin

lol cute, Does it matter I mean you have one of the best skins let the editor be derpy Your better than it

aww thanks idc if u mean it but thanks

hehe i made all these

the pics i pasted into the editor

Better than me lol are u a pro or somthing

Also Do mabe we can play minecraft one day

imma sure heehe

lol how old are you, you sound kool

15 y imma sleep hehe we can play together tomorrow


What does your minecraft skin looks like

my friend eaglewings27 let me use his old friends account XxUnique_onexX and my skin is “monstercat fan” but the derped so it has no headphones and ears :stuck_out_tongue:

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well now its annie : p

lol ok well the server is I will be on factions my ign: whitepaw238

Idk when I can get on mabe when I get the wireless it might take a while tho

the ip didnt work it couldn’t resolve host name

o sorry I will find another