Skins won't delete

For almost a month now, I have noticed that there has been a problem with deleting skins of off my page. I press the delete button and it disappears but when I refresh the page the skins are there again. It takes them a few days before they are permanently cleared off of the page.

Can someone please fix this? This is very annoying for me as I make beta skins and then improve them to make the final product. I don’t like having beta skins floating around on my page as it makes my already long page even harder to navigate (If you check my wall you will see I over 100 skins uploaded).

This isn’t the first time I have had to report a problem similar to this in the past and I would like this to be taken care of, I love using NovaSkin to create skin’s for my friends,fans and series, fixing this would be a huge help.

-Vegeta09 of Saiyans Play Staff

I hope I fixed this problem today.
The skin was being deleted, but the search was showing old search results, cached before the skin removal.

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