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Some questions about wallpaper processing

Hello community!

I have some questions about wallpaper processing!
Here they are:
-How long does it normally take from the email sent to adding it to the website for everyone?
-How hard is it to add a wallpaper to the site?
-Will there be a maximum amount of wallpapers?

That’s it :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering and have a good day,

PS. I have no idea, I am very new. Please don’t judge me

Hello @2zqa

The answers:

-It’s really depends, there is no exact time.
-Adding a wallpaper is almost everytime the same thing. But it takes around 30 minutes per wallpaper.
-I don’t think so!

(I’m not the one who adds the wallpapers, I just make them, but I know some things.)

I don’t want to come over inpatiently, but it has been six days and I am still hyped for the day it comes out :wink:
Thanks for the answers! At least I know how it works behind the scene’s!

You sent it to saviski@novaskin.me? You didn’t receive a response yet?

No, but it did arrive. (no ‘‘error’’ email back saying that it wasn’t received)
EDIT: http://i.gyazo.com/aef018fe0578fb8c56d9ecc3d5481972.png

Just need to wait some time… :smiley:

:frowning: How long did he wait to reply to yours?

Calm down! :smiley:
Just be pacient!

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How long did it take again? :frowning:

hes currently MIA kinda concerning…

I didn’t knew. :frowning:
Does anyone why?