Sorry for the mini haitus of sorts

working on wallpapers now! ayyay

To Do:

One of someone singing with a microphone and/or another (in a different pic or same)someone playing the violin! (for singers/violinists like me) (

Could you make one that shows a Nether Portal in the middle kinda like a separation line. On the left of the portal would be the Overworld where a character is staring into the portal, the scenery is totally up to you. On the right of the portal would be the nether with another character also starin… (

What about someone recording a minecraft video for youtube (

I want to see something like mortal kombat minecraftish (

It would be pretty awesome to have maybe some players or a player running a sword through another player or just more PVP sort of pictures if you know what I mean like the one where one player is pushing the other off a cliff (

i lost my list of todos T_T this’ll have to do, no order