Space wallpaper!

So, I made this wallpaper thingy. Render time was 5 minutes, because rendering backgrounds takes nearly 0 seconds. Feedback/suggestions?

EDIT: Final picture

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is good I think a good idea

Looks great! :slight_smile:
Just a few tips, perhaps you should add some orange/blue tint to the scene, so the players fit in with the background?
And for the moon, perhaps try using this texture: , it doesn’t have the shaded edges so it would fit better for a cuboid moon methinks.


Oh my gosh! I am lovin this wallpaper!
I think its super awesome when you are done with it you should definitely post it can’t wait to use it! (if it comes out)

I’ll do that now. Texture looks great!

I’ll submit it in ~20 minutes. Deal?

deal then srry didn’t respond yestarday