The wallpaper is little buggy!

As you can see,the player is little buggy,how do I solve this?

Was this on mobile?
I noticed some smartphones having problems to create the wallpapers.
But there is not a lot I can do to fix, since it is some device incompatibility.

It happend to me as well, i use the wallpaper on my website and i updated my skin, i tried to redo the wall paper and it did this

So, I have noticed that this problem happens with some phones.
Have this happened to you on the mobile version? Or was it using a computer?

i like using the opera browser because chrome has bugs after having some “virus” issues, when it comes to wallpapers, if I try to generate one while using opera the bug happens, but if I try with chrome it works just fine, but i have to half an hour for chrome to respond (viruses again)

Update: It works now

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