This doesn't work

On NovaSkin Resource Pack editor, I re-opened it, and it went in safely. But when I went to add a new item, it didn’t let me.I decided to log out and then use a different account. I have the .Zip file, so I could just continue from there, but it also didn’t let me log out. I’m stuck with an account with a not working pack.

I would create a new pack on the account, copy any textures over, then delete the old pack and see if that fixes it. I’m using the local projects tab to make my packs, sorry if you are using the Nova Skin pack and this doesn’t apply. As for the logging out issue, what specifically happens when you try to log out? It seems a bit odd for it to just not work.

How do I copy them in?

I would save the images individually to your desktop, then import them (using the piskel editor) to the correct model on the new pack.

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