Url link not working

I tried to copy the skin link to use in custom NPCs and it doesn’t change the skin. It used to work fine and doesn’t work now??

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Same thing has been happening to me, used to have an adventure map that relied on a lot of the URL skins, and now they’re all just blank. Something must be different with the site. I tried using the skins from minecraftskins.com and they seemed to work fine - it’s just Nova that seems to be having issues for some reason.

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there is a way to fix it, you need to go to the share tab and right-click on the photo above the URL and click to copy the image address, and when you enter this address to minecraft and the skin will work.(The URL doesn’t work because it links to Bedrock version of skin so it doesn’t work in Java) or something like that. I believe this will help you :slight_smile: