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First time requesting a Wallpaper to use skins on. :sweat_smile: So… basically I am requesting actually two wallpapers, one is a PvP one, I was thinking during like a blizzard or something? The other one is somewhat of a holiday one (can be non-holiday too but it was thought up because of a holiday), it is pretty much a Thanksgiving one. Simply, big table, lots of people, and stuff. I made a rough version of it in Minecraft.

The lighting in the wallpaper itself would be a little less lighter so that the fireplace light stands out a little more. But I am sure ya’ll get the idea. :sweat_smile:

Edit: There is meant to be 9 chairs… I forgot to put two in… this wallpaper is meant to have 9 skins in it.

check the wallpaper I made that was added today. http://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers#thanksgiving

Well… I guess that is good. But now I suppose this request is only for like a big dinner type of thing. Because I still want one with 9 skins in it. The wallpaper you made is awesome btw!

I’m not sure if there is enough time to render it, upload and send to the
website before Thanksgiving now though.

Like I said, it doesn’t have to be for Thanksgiving at this point. So whenever it would be done would be fine. In general all I am looking for is what I requested but with 9 skins. (Again as noted above I forgot to add two spots in… one at the very end of the table near the fireplace and four on each side… but I sort of rushed lol).

what should be on the table? I’d feel weird if it was an empty table with just glass bottles lol. I can work on it maybe for like a Christmas dinner haha

Christmas dinner is rather interesting lol. Yeah I guess that could be it. But also I think… if you went with like non-holiday-ish then… just random foods… like carrots, potatos, melons, can’t forget the melons lol, ooh and cookies! Haha. :smile:

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This is how this one will look. I like the angled shot.

I like this except for the blocks on the wall… they make it look odd lol.

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yea after looking at it for a while, I had some friends say the same thing. It’s an old build so I should close those holes up, they don’t look right here :smiley:


I’m actually going to add a painting on the wall, it looks very empty now lol

I was just about to say something like that, yes a painting lol.

Here’s the final product :smiley:

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I love it! It is absolutely perfect! :smiley:

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