WallPaper Submission By SherlockHolmesMC (Me)


My IGN and Username is SherlockHolmesMC.

I would like to submit a wallpaper made by me in Cinema 4D.

Hope You Like It! :smiley:

Inquiries, or if you would want me to make changes in my work just e-mail me at:





Title : Pokemon Battle

Name : Maaz Qureshi but preferably by my IGN - SherlockHolmesMC

Website : None, but feel free contact me through e-mail!

SherlockHolmesMC / Maaz

Hey! You should send that information & the wallpaper to saviski@novaskin.me . Also, as a website you can use your YouTube channel, DeviantArt or whatever you want!

I already did! Check your e-mail! I’m sure you’ll love it!

I sent it to you again! Just checking to be sure!

Also My YouTube channel is known as SherlockHolmesMC

Yay! Regards

I’m not the owner of the e-mail, I just answer this things and make wallpapers! :smiley:

K Thanks! But can you just ask him to check it?! Plz! Np if you cant