Wallpapers are not loading

Whenever I try to open any wallpapers, they show the loading bar but do not actually load up for me to edit.
It’s either a bug or my end. Please help?

I get this bug too, idk what it is.

Me too. There´s only an orange screen. Sry for my english, I´m from Austria :smiley:

so i click on the wallpaper i want and then it just starts loading and never ends so help! me

All of them or just one specific wallpaper?

I don’t know if this has happened to people besides me, but the majority of the most recently added wallpapers cause my skin to show up too bright. I’m not actually sure whether this officially counts as a bug, but one thing’s for sure, it shouldn’t be that bright. If anyone could tell me how to solve this issue, (if there is one) I’d greatly appreciate it! :blush: All the new wallpapers look so aweshum! :smile: So it’s a shame that I can’t use them just yet!

SAME IT WONT LOAD WHEN I CLICK ON THEM! The Wallpapers :frowning:

When I want to click on a wallpaper it never loads :frowning:

I think I found the problem.
There was a bug with the code that loads the players skin when the page loads.
I’m going to deploy a fix.

Idk why it wont load either, it does load then, boom, its like its frozen on the wallpaper. I long press the skin thingy and all i get was a blue highlighted text and it wont go away. I wish there was an app for this so it would be easier to do this than on a bugged website…