WallPaper's I Made

Heres My First Wallpaper I Made For u guys:

Did It w/ Mine-Imator.

More On The Way!

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This is my first Wallpaper.
I was first making it and accidentally made 1 character’s head big,
I thought it looked quite cute!
BTW this was made with the new Mine-Imator Demo.

here it is with mine and my friend’s skin below:

Hope you guys will upload it!

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moved your previous post here ^.^

Here’s My Newest 1:

Now With my skin:

Most of the things on my friend’s and i’s Youtube Channel was animated by me:
[all the mc thumbnails, avatar, art, etc. And all the thumbnails that have the dog were drawn by me]

FYI, I have been animating since Late Summer This Year.