Wallpapers not working (new)

So, everytime I try to use a wallpaper editor to put on my skin and… you know, the normal procedure, at first the wallpapers are not showing. When I wait a few minutes, and I go inside one of them, this is what I see:

So I cannot do anything.
Any help?


Same, none of the wallpapers are working. The last wallpaper submitted was like two years ago, so I think Novaskin just gave up on wallpapers. I even tried to submit my own wallpaper but they just ignored it. I just use blender or mine-imator to make wallpapers now.

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Nope! I’ve used it a few days ago

Bro the Nova skin wallpaper still loading there might get crash and won’t show the image please update and fix the bug

Please keep nova skin updated so I can open nova skin
Uploading: Screenshot_20231028-181409.png…

Same here i can’t see the wallpapers

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I’m having the same issue now. I was working just fine a few weeks ago

I have the same problem and its annoying ._.

Same issue here but it worked fine yesterday. Please fix!

Still not working, have they stopped supporting this area of the site?

Im unsure if the developer is reading these posts anymore, but ive used the novaskin wallpapers for a pretty long time now. Had the same issues everyone else has been having lately and honestly its a little bit saddening

I’ve been having the same issue. I really hope they do fix it or maybe look for someone new to maintain it. I use it a lot for media for my server.

It’s okay not working wallpaper, don’t worry about Nova skin for developers fixing in maintenance very soon

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Try to play the latest version for latest wallpapers.