Want to join my Realm?

I’m looking for mature people who enjoy simple Vanilla Minecraft. If you ever heard of the Mindcrack Server where a large group of friends played Vanilla Minecraft together and just built buildings and towns and personal houses/areas. That is roughly what I’m looking for. If you think you could play respectfully simply let me know your in-game-name for an invite and maybe some short info about yourself.


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Hi, my in-game-name is MysticDaUnicorn.I would love to join your realm, I love to build and play with other players and I love to play peacefully and just chat. I am 13.

look for the invite. I hope you enjoy the world and have fun.

Sure sounds fun and my IGN is RainbowZ_Legion it use to be RainbowDashFlowe

you can look for the invite. I hope you have fun, I’ll see you around :smiley:

would love to join. my username is rocketboy604

Look for the invite. Be respectful and have fun. See you around.

Hi Im JojoSleepyPants! I love vanilla minecraft and would like to join your realm. Thanks!

Me! My Username is The_MC_Player_

yes i want my name is Sailrt03

Hey My Name Is Master_Dartagnan :grinning: