Was nova skins hacked?

I was going to http://minecraft.novaskin.me to look at some skins but when i went to the site it was marked unsafe due to something called y33tworm? and when i went to my profile y33tworm was posted multiple times and i can not delet them. whats going on?

It happened to me too, but my browser blocked it. It sounds like a worm to me. Idk if it’s hacked or not, but idk what’s going on.

It’s been like this for around 1 week now and it seems like nothing has been done and that y33tworm skin is automatically created by what definitely seems like a hack as Google Chrome also gives out a phishing alert since the site shortly redirects to a site that once again has the y33t in the name, seriously something should be done about this asap

Please get rid of it now I would like to view my skins WITHOUT seeing dangerous: y33tskin is on your profile and you can’t get ride of it!

Hackers have found a way to Inflict a virus on Minecraft skins as a (.PNG) file so I think Nova Skins is fixing that and now they show up as y33tworm, IDK if it’s a worm aka (A network virus) but I can’t tell if it’s a ransom attack too so be careful everyone!

I just now experienced this.

After creating a skin my gallery started filling up with that y33tworm thing. Also, i cant click on the skin icons or do anything with them. I hope they fix this soon, it seems using the site will be a lot harder now.

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