What has changed in the newest version

Esse tópico agora está fixado globalmente. Ele irá aparecer no topo dessa categoria e de todas as listagens de tópicos até que seja desfixado pela equipe para todo mundo, ou para usuários individuais por eles mesmo.

When we can make 3 pixel Arm Player skins ?

I tried to open one of my previous resource packs that i was working on before the big update for 1.8, but the loading took FOREVER so i gave up. Then i tried to make a new project but i was stopped by a pop up that said i was unable to do that because it would exceed the applications storage quota.

So I guess all of the rescource packs we were working on are just…gone? Because I can’t find mine anywhere, not to mention the site isn’t working for me on any platform.

I was wondering that too.

Oh Dear God! please tell me that the old version is still available! My computer is too old for 1.8! (graphics card is old.) I had like 3 WIP projects going on!

@dragonfist191280, @EliasDi
I still need to work on that and add the 3-pixels arm support. Hopefully it shouldn’t take too long.
– quick update: You can edit 3 pixel arm player skins with the resource pack editor, open /resourcepacks#default/textures/entity/alex.png, but I will add this feature to the main editor other day.

There was a bug with the app not requesting the filesystem quota before using it. Now you should be able to import your resource pack. You need to allow novaskin to store files on your computer, click OK/yes when prompted by the browser.

The site should import your resource packs, there was a bug with the quota as mentioned. Try now and let me know if your projects are back.

What version of minecraft are you aiming at? You can access the old version here but the recommendation is to stick with the latest version.

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The site is now working very smooth for me, which is great. However, none of R.P. work for me anymore. The ones on the new version will load up into my MC but fail to make any changes, this is most likely because I have to use 1.6.4

I can’t get anything but the player skin part to work. All I need is a way to visualize high-res horse textures and NOTHING works on this whole site anymore except for the character skin creator. I have tried a dozen browsers and nothing works. It was easy before…now it’s broke-a$$ as HELL!

nothing is working for me. For the resource packs, it brings up the first page but nothing else does.

@saviski What do you think is the reason that the textures packs do not make any changes with my minecraft after they are loaded into it?

@saviski May I ask? How do I get the 1.7.2 skin format instead of the 1.8 format now? i really need it for the blender rig I’m using, reply asap or Pm me please. :smile:

You Want a 64x32 skin instead of a 64x64 skin @CoryDoesGaming_? Just edit the image and crop it to the top. Or use the older version.

I don’t know why your textures are not being loaded by minecraft, but.

  • Make sure your resourcepack has a pack.png and a pack.mcmeta in it’s root directory.
  • Or share your resourcepack here, you can embbed zip files using the upload button and I check it later.

I think I found the problem, at least one of them.
A guy named DaHooplerzMan send a PM telling that when the texture is zipped, 2 texture folders are being created.

assets/minecraft/textures/textures/[files] instead of assets/minecraft/textures/[files]

Let’ fix that

edit: it should work now.
And clear your cache to force the browser get the last updates.


Looks like that was the problem, the R.P. seems to be working just fine now. Something I also want to draw your attention to, is a bug I have noticed in the site. Whenever I click on a R.P. that I was working on, then click on a block or entity it will just give me a white screen, not sure why.


  • Added Mo’Creatures models back
  • Fix with zip generation
  • Fix loading Techne models without a texture associated
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####Resource Pack Editor

  • fix: Model previews in chrome

  • feature: search and load textures from gallery

  • prototype of bending and posing support for mobs

  • new projects can be created from the save window

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My suggestions for the newest version

  1. The resource pack maker has to be updated to support 1.19.
  2. There should be an NSFW checkbox to enable/disable inappropriate images.
  3. You should add new items into the pose thingy.
  4. You misspelled the “Iron Golem” model for “Iron Golen”.

Thanks for the update and bye :smiley: